This program downloads the locations updated since a provided date/time into a CSV file that can be easily consumed by other programs. It requires a client ID and signing key. All other parameters are optional.

This program requires Python version 2.6 or 2.7 and runs on Linux, OS X or Windows.

For usage:

python -h

Basic usage with output redirected to a file:

python -c YOUR_CLIENT_ID -k YOUR_SIGNING_KEY -u "2018-04-08" > output.csv

Basic usage with an output file defined in the command parameters:

python -c YOUR_CLIENT_ID -k YOUR_SIGNING_KEY -u "2018-04-08" -o output.csv

linked_status column: indicates whether or not the location is Owner Verified. True = Owner Verified. businessType column: type of business publishedAt column: the date the location's menu was published in the SP system. For those publishers with real-time integrations that are looking only for new location matches need only to match against those locations that were published since the date this script was last run.