SinglePlatform Publisher API Documentation


The SinglePlatform Publisher API enables you to retrieve information about our merchants and their products.

Partner Agreement Considerations

Our partners are required to comply with SinglePlatform's partner agreement.


To interact with the API, you must generate a HMAC-SHA1 signature for each HTTP request made to the API. By this point, you should have received a valid and unique {Client ID, Client Secret} pair from SinglePlatform.

Generating the signature:

  1. Construct the signature base string
    • Start with your path for the resource, e.g. /locations/island-prime/menus/ (be sure to include a trailing slash)
    • Append any URL parameters, e.g. ?format=short
    • Append the Client ID, e.g. &client=abc01
    • The signature base string should look something like: /locations/island-prime/menus/?format=short&client=abc01
  2. Calculate the signature
    • Pass the signature base string and Client Secret to the HMAC-SHA1 hashing algorithm to generate the key
    • Base64-encode the generated key
    • URL-encode the string
    • The signature should look something like: Y6C%2F6HcHPan7fYnE6F%2FDMFSmzec%3D
  3. Append the signature to the URL

    The entire URL should look something like:

NOTE: next URLs appearing in paginated responses are unsigned. In order to access subsequent pages, you will need to follow the steps above to sign the request.

Sample Libraries

Sample libraries are available for download if you need assistance generating valid signatures: