Integration Summary

Following are the available methods of integration with SinglePlatform web services.

Accessing Data

There is one way to access our data:

  1. REST API: A publisher REST API exposes location and other information

Integration of our full-site menus is done in one of the following ways:

  1. JavaScript API: A JavaScript API that inserts menus directly into a div element on the location page
    • This is the current standard way of doing website mashups / integrations. The user stays on the publisher site using this method of integration.
  2. REST API: Publisher can display real-time menu content by displaying SinglePlatform's JSON data directly from the side of the publisher.
    • To do this, every service call to retrieve a data point will need to come through the REST API. The publisher will make a server side request for JSON from SinglePlatform, which can be parsed/formatted on the publisher's side and served to the client from the publisher.
    • This works with REST API data integration method
    • This method would miss functionality we add around menus, such as item likes, item out-of-date, chef's choice items, daily/weekly specials, and our "Suggest a Change to this Menu" feedback loop.

API End Points

The base URI to use for the REST API is:

The base URI to use for the JavaScript API is: